The Farmer & The Larder: Rooted in History

Matthew Raiford coined the term “CheFarmer” years ago, merging of words “chef” and “farmer”. And while the term may be a new hip and hot hashtag, denoting the cooks history as both a farmer and a chef, the actual roots of the word go back hundreds of year.

Raiford, along with his partner Jovan Sage, opened the doors to The Farmer & The Larder this summer, looking to provide the community with gastronomic retail items and hands-on educational classes for wholesome home cooking, as well as supply guests with delicious seed-to-table, grab-and-go lunches, and fill tables with creative weekend brunches and Thursday evening group dining sessions, the artisan outlet is also a spotlight for Raiford’s family farm. Gilliard Farms has been in his family since 1874, with it’s beginning coming about after the federal Reconstruction Act.

Following the end of the Civil War, Raiford's ancestor Jupiter Gigglier- or Jupiter Gilliard as it was recorded in census records- bought acreage in Glynn County. There, he started Gilliard Farms, and the bustling agricultural hub lives on today under the watch gaze of Jovan, Matthew and his sister, Althea.

In its 100-plus year history, the farm has a reputation for bringing up some of the highest quality, sustainable and organic foodstuffs to be found throughout the coastal region, winning plenty of well-deserved praise, such as in 2013, when it was awarded the Centennial Farm Award from the Georgia Farm Bureau, which is an honor given to working farms that are more than 100 years old.

Chickens, eggs, hogs, and plenty of colorful and green vegetables flourish on the organic estate property, located at 163 Florines Way in Glynn County.

Many of the ingredients stocking the shelves and pantries at the F&L are sourced directly from the family farm, with Matthew and Jovan not only collecting the goods, but also prepping and cooking the ingredients for many of the dishes on the retailers’ menu.

The farm, too, is open to the shop’s educational arena, with the F&L team taking guests to the organic estate to source their own ingredients for hands-on, in-store cooking classes.

Be sure to check in on our Facebook page and website for updated schedules of events, and opportunities to head to the farm for a truly organic eating experience.

As always- cheers to organic wholesome goodness! 

This Week's Schedule

As you may have guessed, CheFarmer Matthew is not only a chef but also a farmer. He received his Certificate in Ecological Horticulture from Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) at the University of California, Santa Cruz

As a apprentice, he started the Farm To Fork Benefit Dinner to raise funds to support CASFS apprentices’ educational needs and to grow our community of organic farmers.

This weekend marks the 5th Anniversary of the Farm To Fork event and the 50th Anniversary of University of California, Santa Cruz. CheFarmer Matthew will be honoured over the weekend for creating the Farm To Fork dinner - now a signature fall fundraising event for UCSC. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for CheFarmer to receive this honor and pass it on to the next class of up and coming farmers and future 'chefarmers'. That does mean that while CheFarmer is away we will close our doors starting Thursday, September 10th and will be back for lunch on Wednesday, September 16th.  

We look forward to seeing our supporters on the West Coast and thank you for the support right here in the Golden Isles. Thank you also for understanding and we look forward to seeing you when we return home.  

Our 3 Day Weekend Starts Friday!

The kids are back in school and our doors are wide open at The Farmer & The Larder. Monday marks Labor Day and summer coming to a close. Here are some fun things to do over the holiday weekend: 

Come by The Farmer & The Larder this First Friday in Historic Downtown Brunswick for a tasting of Proper Pepper Pimento Cheese & Spotted Trotter's lamb merquez sausage.

For those dining in on Friday there will be a chef's special so be sure to make reservations

For those venturing out on Saturday come check out our Ocean To Fork class or our Saturday dinner starting at 6:30p. 

Join on Sunday for our scrumptious brunch starting at 11a. For those planning on heading down for Rhythm on the River with Squirt Gun you can pre-order a meal box to take with you.